Translation of zona in English:


they (in particular)

absolute pronoun

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    they (in particular)
    them (in particular)
    ‘Izitsha zona zazixoxa okukhulu ngoba zasala zomile zonke’ The dishes signified a lot because they were all left dry
    ‘Malume, zingakuphi zona izinkabi lezo ukuze ngizibone bese ngibona intengo’ Uncle, where are those cattle? I would like to see them and then consider their price
    ‘Lezi zinsuku obona sengathi zilukhuni yizo kanye ezibalulekile empilweni yakho’ These days that you regard as being difficult are important in your life


The meaning of this pronoun is not always directly visible in an English translation. When "zona" is preceded by formatives such as "yi-", "si-", "na-" or "ku-", the final emphasizing syllable "-na" is usually deleted. See the last example.