Translation of wona in English:


it (in particular)

absolute pronoun

  • 1

    it (in particular)
    ‘Kufanele umculo uzidayise wona ngokuthumela umlayezo omuhle kubantu’ The music should sell itself by sending a good message to the people
  • 2

    they (in particular)
    them (in particular)
    it (in particular)
    ‘Ngabuye ngayifunda le ncwadi. Ilokhu ikhulume wona amazwi engiwabone kuqala’ I read this letter again. It kept on repeating the same words that I saw at the beginning
    ‘Kungaba yiwo nje amaphoyisa ahudula izinyawo’ It could be that it is the police who dragged their feet


The meaning of this pronoun is not always directly visible in an English translation. When "wona" is preceded by formatives such as "yi-", "si-", "na-" or "ku-", the final emphasizing syllable "-na" is usually deleted. See the last example.