Translation of wena in English:


you (yourself)

absolute pronoun

  • 1

    (as subject) you (yourself)
    ‘Wena uhlale ugula Nonhlanhla’ You are always sick, Nonhlanhla
    ‘Awu! Nguwe kanti lo Khanyile?’ My word! Is this you, after all, Khanyile?
  • 2

    (as object) you
    ‘Mama, uDkt. Mkhize uthi akakwazi wena’ Mother, Dr Mkhize says he doesn't know you
    ‘Ngempela phela ngisindiswe nguwe’ I have really been saved by you


When "wena" is preceded by formatives such as "ngu-", "si-", "na-" or "ku-", the final emphasizing syllable "-na" is usually deleted. See the second examples at senses 1 and 2.