Translation of bona in English:


they (themselves)

absolute pronoun

  • 1

    they (themselves)
    them (in particular)
    ‘Abafundi abazifundeli bona, bafundela isizwe’ The students are not studying for themselves, they are studying for the nation
    ‘Yibo uqobo abenze lobu bubi eNkosini’ It is really they who did this evil to the king
  • 2

    it (in particular)
    ‘Ngiyabonga ntombi, lokhu kukhomba bona ubuqhawe bakho’ Thank you girl, it shows your bravery
    ‘Leyo-ke yingozi evezwa yibo ubunuku balabo bantu’ That then is the danger caused by the slovenliness of those people


The meaning of this pronoun is not always directly visible in an English translation. When "bona" is preceded by formatives such as "yi-", "si-", "na-" or "ku-", the final emphasizing syllable "-na" is usually deleted. See the second examples at senses 1 and 2.