Translation of suffix in isiZulu


Noun (plural suffixes)

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    • To make a new word with the word "play" we can add the suffix "-ful"

      Ukwakha igama elisha sisusela egameni elithi: "play" singafaka isijobelelo "-ful"

    • To form the diminutive of a noun, we add the suffix "-ana". For example: "inja" (dog) > "injana" (little dog)

      Ukwakha isinciphiso sebizo sijobelela isijobelelo u"-ana". Isibonelo: "inja" > "injana"

    in English, letters that we add to the end of a word to make a new word or to change the word; in Zulu it is the letters that are added to the end of words such as verbs and nouns to modify the meaning of these words

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