Translation of prefix in isiZulu


Noun (plural prefixes)

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    • We can add the prefix "un-" to the word "happy" to make the word "unhappy"

      Singafaka isiqalo u-"un-" egameni "happy" senze igama "unhappy"

    • Most of the nouns in class 1 have a prefix "um-", but the form of this prefix in the case of some of the nouns in this class is "umu-"

      Imvama yamabizo esigabeni 1 anesiqalo um- kodwa isimo salesi siqalo singu-umu- kwamanye amabizo ambalwa kulesi sigaba

    in English, letters that we add to the front of another word to change its meaning; in Zulu it is the letters that are added to the front of nominal stems to form nouns

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