Translation of ours in isiZulu


[relative PC+]ithu


  • 1

    [relative PC+]ithu
    ‘The blue sport bags are ours’ Izikhwama eziluhlaza zezemidlalo ezethu.
  • 2

    ‘From the way you describe it, your school is very similar to ours’ Ngendlela ochaza ngayo, isikole sakho sifana kakhulu nesethu.


For more examples, see the isiZulu to English side of your dictionary at 'elethu' (cl. 5), 'eyethu' (cl. 4 and 9), 'ezethu' (cl. 8 and 10), 'okwethu' (cl. 15 and 17), and 'owethu' (cl. 1 and 3). These are the frequent forms.