Translation of her in isiZulu



pronounPlural their, Plural them

  • 1

    ‘Bronwyn must be home because that's her car in the driveway’ U-Bronwyn kumele ukuthi abe khona ekhaya ngoba imoto yakhe leya esendleleni engena ekhaya.
  • 2

    ‘Lisa said she'll be here today but I haven't seen her yet’ U-Lisa uthe uzobe elapha namuhla kepha angikakamboni okwamanje.
  • 3

    ‘We're doing it for her’ Sikwenzela yena.


In isiZulu, the concept her is typically formed by combining any of the singular possessive concords (PCs) with a possessive stem (Pstem) from classes 1, 5, 7 or 9. See Table 7 in the mini-grammar, as well as the section on possessive pronouns there. In verbs, it can also appear as an object concord (OC). See Tables 4 and 5 in the mini-grammar.