Translation of article in isiZulu


Noun (plural articles)

  1. Examples

    • I read an article in the newspaper

      Ngifunde i-atikhili ephephandabeni

  2. Language


    • The English words "a" and "an" are indefinite articles, whereas "the" is a definite article

      Ama-atikhili u-"a" no-"an" esiNgisini akhomba umuntu noma into engakhanyi kuthi i-atikhili u-"the" likhombe umuntu noma into ekhanyayo

    • There are no articles in isiZulu

      Awekho ama-atikhili esiZulwini

    in English and related languages, a short word before a noun that specifies whether the noun is definite or indefinite

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