Translation of apostrophe in isiZulu


Noun (plural apostrophes)

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    • In "He's late", the apostrophe is used to shorten "he is" to "he's"

      Emshweni "He's late" isimeli-nobumba sisetshenziselwa ukunqamulela amagama "he is" bese kubhalwa "he's"

    • In "The girl's computer", the apostrophe followed by "s" is used to indicate that the computer belongs to the girl

      Emshweni "The girl's computer" isimeli-nobumba esilandelwa u-"s" sisetshenzisiwe ukukhombisa ukuthi ikhompyutha ngeyentombazane

    in English, the punctuation mark ' used to show that one or more letters or numbers have been left out or to show possession

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