Ukuhunyushwa kwe yona e IsiNgisi


they (in particular)

absolute pronoun

  • 1

    they (in particular)
    them (in particular)
    ‘Basebenzise yona imifanekiso’ They used the pictures
    ‘Le mithi yiyo futhi ezobamba amanzi ukuthi angahambi ngamandla agugule inhlabathi’ These trees will also prevent the water from running with force and then eroding the soil
  • 2

    it (in particular)
    she/he (in particular)
    ‘Bantshontsha yona yodwa ingubo yakhe yomshado’ They stole only her wedding dress
    ‘Inhliziyo yomuntu yiyo engumbusi wakhe’ The heart governs a person


The meaning of this pronoun is not always directly visible in an English translation. When "yona" is preceded by formatives such as "yi-", "si-", "na-" or "ku-", the final emphasizing syllable "-na" is usually deleted. See the second examples at senses 1 and 2.