Ukuhunyushwa kwe -be e IsiNgisi


was/were (in a state)

auxiliary verb

  • 1

    was/were (in a state)
    used to
    could have
    may have
    might have
    would have
    ‘Wabe enezizathu zakhe ezamenza wesaba ukubuya emini’ He had his reasons to fear returning in the afternoon. (Literally: He was in a state of being with reasons ...)
    ‘Babe bephuma naye ngomnyango ongemuva’ They came out with him through the back door. (Literally: They were in a state of coming out ...)
  • 2

    will/shall (be in a state)
    shall have
    will have
    ‘Umqhudelwano uzokube use-Stellenbosch’ The competition will be in Stellenbosch
    ‘Kuzobe sekungokwesibili evela kule nkantolo ngala macala’ It will be the second time that he appears in this court in connection with these charges