Ukuhunyushwa kwe they e isiZulu




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    ‘They didn't come to collect the rubbish today’ Abafikanga ukuzolanda udoti namhlanje.
    ‘Although all the learners studied hard for the exam, they were still perplexed by some of the questions’ Nakuba bonke abafundi befundele ukubhala isivivinyo sokuphela konyaka kanzima, bebesethuswe eminye yemibuzo.


In isiZulu, the concept they is typically a subject concord (SC). See Tables 4 and 5 in the mini-grammar. The concept they can also be expressed with the absolute pronouns 'bona' (cl. 2), 'wona' (cl. 6), 'yona' (cl. 4), and 'zona' (cl. 8 and 10). See the isiZulu to English side of your dictionary for examples.