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A possible reason why you could not find the word you were looking for

If you were looking for an isiZulu word in its inflected form, your search would not have returned any results because the headwords in the dictionary comprise only the base forms.

For instance, if you were looking for the word ukupheka which is an inflected form of pheka (to cook), you will not find, it.

But if you search for the base form pheka, you can see ukupheka being used in an example sentence:

Abafundi bangasiza uthisha ukupheka ukudla

The student can help the teacher to cook food

Of course, sometimes it happens that a word is just not yet on the dictionary – and we encourage you to add it to the dictionary when you find out its translation. In this way you will be ‘saving’ vocabulary that is useful for you and have it always at hand!

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