Member of the month: Moses Biyela

We have received some fantastic contributions to the living dictionary this month. We wanted to celebrate by profiling our Member of the Month. This is the user who contributed the most words to the isiZulu living dictionary.

Name: Moses Biyela

What attracted you to be part of the isiZulu Living Dictionary?

I was invited by Sbu (the isiZulu Language Manager) to be part of the isiZulu Living Dictionary and I saw it as a good initiative that develops isiZulu language.

How do you think isiZulu speakers can benefit from it?

They will benefit by sharing new words that are used nowadays.

Do you have a favourite isiZulu word or saying? 

Yes, it says ….a person uses whatever resources available to them (paraphrase)

What other features would you like to see on the Living Dictionary site?

Everything is going very well. I think that more isiZulu speakers should be included so that they can make a contribution.

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