Get to know our community: Dr Langa Khumalo

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About Dr Langa Khumalo
Dr Langa Khumalo is the Director of the University Language Planning and Development Office at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. He oversees the operationalization of the UKZN’s Language Policy and Plan. 

He has published and edited books on language and linguistic theory, as well as monographs on harmonised orthographic conventions, chapters in linguistics books, several peer-reviewed articles in linguistics, computational linguistics and theoretical lexicography in local and international journals. 

He joined the University of KwaZulu-Natal as a Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow, and has been a guest researcher at the University of Oslo and a visiting Senior Mellon Fellow at Rhodes University. He is an  Associate of the Centre for Advanced Studies of African Society, a Board member of the African Association for Lexicography (Afrilex) and a member of the steering committee of the Digital Humanities in Southern Africa.

Dr Langa Khumalo is also one of the isiZulu Oxford Living Dictionary Language Champions, lending us his expertise to help make the Oxford Global Languages initiative a success. 

We’ve asked him his perspectives on the Oxford Global Languages initiative:

The importance of OGL for isiZulu
The OGL initiative is vitally important for the status and role of isiZulu as a language. Through this initiative isiZulu will become part of a community of languages that subsist in the digital world. Through keeping company of these global languages in this digital space isiZulu will break the barriers of being a vernacular or village language. OGL will thus expand the scope in which isiZulu is used.

What does the initiative mean for isiZulu?
It is an important initiative, particularly for a language that has not had any traction or footprint in the digital world. IsiZulu will become one of the few African languages embracing digital technology. This will have the effect of increasing chances of its access to the global community and study by anyone across the globe.

This is an innovative initiative that seeks to create a community of languages to be accessed easily throughout the world. It is a momentous occasion for the dissemination and advancement of isiZulu.

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