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Oxford Global Languages is a major new initiative which will enable millions of people across the globe to find answers online to their everyday language questions in 100 of the world’s languages. For the first time, large quantities of quality lexical information for these languages will be systematically created, collected, and made available for free, in a single linked repository, to speakers and learners.

The OGL initiative will:

  • Enable the development of new digital tools and resources to revitalise and support under-represented world languages.

  • Give these languages a living, growing, vibrant presence in the digital landscape.

  • Document and include all the variations and dialects of these languages, truly recording how they are used today.

  • Provide an interactive community in which people can suggest new content, ask questions, play games, and discuss language–these are living dictionaries of real languages that the community will help to build.

Which languages will be included?
This ambitious initiative includes major global languages and digitally under-represented ones – those which are actively spoken and used by large communities but which have little digital capacity or accessibility. These digitally under-represented languages and their speakers are increasingly disadvantaged in social, business, and cultural areas of life because resource in the digital world is focused on a small number of globally predominant languages.

Oxford Global Languages launched its first two language sites, isiZulu and Northern Sotho, in August 2015. Urdu and Malay followed in March 2016, with many more to come. Many more will be added over the next few years.

See the first sites for yourself:
IsiZulu • zu.oxforddictionaries.com
Northern Sotho • nso.oxforddictionaries.com
Urdu • ur.oxforddictionaries.com
Malay • ms.oxforddictionaries.com

Note: The foundation for the lexical data in this website was originally published by Oxford University Press Southern Africa Pty (Ltd) in 2010 as the Oxford Bilingual School Dictionary: isiZulu and English (editor-in-chief G-M de Schryver, chief compiler N Sibiya, linguist A Wilkes), with a second edition in 2015, and is included here by agreement with OUPSA. © English text, Oxford University Press Southern Africa Pty (Ltd) 2010, 2015. © isiZulu text, including isiZulu headword list, TshwaneDJe HLT 2010, 2015. The first edition won the 2012 SATI prize for outstanding translation in dictionaries.

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